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  • “Wow! Seriously. Wow! Beautiful, elegant, simple. The best disposable vaporizer I’ve ever seen, felt, or used Thanks!”

    Scott M

  • “I am completely in love with them. I will never use any other type of THC delivery for the rest of my life. You will fall absolutely completely in love with them once you try them.”

    Regular Customer
    2020 Solutions Bellingham

  • "I don’t smell of cannabis and the best thing is I can just have a couple of puffs and be perfect. It’s just the right amount for me to work at an optimum level while having a little bit of stress relief to help me get through my day.”


  • “The CBD Ache pen was nearly immediate pain reduction. There is also a general sense of well-being with the Ache pen - so subtle I don’t know if it is actually the pen or just that the pain is subdued such that life seems better.”

    PHD. Paraplegic

  • "I tried the CBD capsules to help with chronic pain associated with a spinal cord injury. Over the years I have tried many pain management products and techniques and none have worked as effectively as the Wildflower CBD+ capsules. My pain decreased noticeably while not incurring any side effects. I would certainly recommend people try these capsules." 

    Dr. BG
    General Practitioner

  • Dear Customer people - My Seattle based friend gave me a Cool Stick for my neck.  She mentioned her toe fungus (!) went away when she used it after knee surgery.  This prompted me to apply a small amount to patches os Psoriasis on tip of my nose, cheek and elbow.  In all locations, Psorisis has retreated.  Thought you'd like to know- 


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